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Welcome to Lucha Cantina!

Lucha Cantina was opened in 2007 by a Minnetonka, MN native named Chuck Holcomb. The idea behind Lucha was to make fresh, natural, fabulous Mexican food & drink that doesn’t kill your wallet or your health.Lucha developed quite a following among locals and guests alike, serving a simple menu of burritos, tacos, and all-juice margaritas. People like us because we use honest ingredients, pour REALLY honest drinks, and charge honest prices.

Rockford's Story

Back in 2001, I was at a general manager’s conference for the large restaurant company.
There I met a guy named Chuck Holcomb, who was a GM for their restaurant in Boulder, CO. We became fast friends, and stayed in touch over the next few years, even after he decided to leave the big company and start his own restaurant. Chuck opened a pretty cool Mexican restaurant called Lucha Cantina in the beautiful ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado. A few years later, he opened a bigger Lucha in a smaller town, Georgetown, CO. Chuck’s goal for Lucha was to create a new take on Mexican cooking, using natural, high-quality ingredients. The focus was always on the food. And margaritas, of course.

After a few visits to the mountains to try the food and margaritas I asked Chuck if he would be willing to help me open a Lucha a few miles down the road, in Rockford, IL. As you can see, he didn’t say no. We are so excited to be here. The locals and tourists in Colorado Springs and Georgetown absolutely love Lucha, and we are pretty certain our friends and neighbors will love Lucha Cantina Rockford in much the same manner.

If you are reading this I will assume that you have at least glanced at the menu that follows. Let me tell you a little about the food that you are about to eat. Lucha makes nearly everything we serve in the house, in the house. It is that simple. We use only pure, natural ingredients. (Disclaimer: We do buy tortillas, kid’s chicken tenders, kid’s mac, and sweet potato french fries. from outside vendors. We honestly couldn’t figure how to make them right)

We don’t believe in lard, MSG, or anything partially-hydrogenated. We don’t like stuff like that at all. We do like good meats, veggies, and cheeses. We keep our food cold, and prepare it when you order it. It might take a few more minutes, but you will taste & feel the difference. We make all of our salsa, dressings, sauces, and marinades every day, from scratch, using only fresh produce, herbs, and spices. Are you starting to get the full picture here?

The Story We use to-go containers made from sugar cane and corn. They are compostable, recyclable, and expensive. Sometimes we might charge you a few dimes for to-go boxes. We figured you wouldn’t mind spending some loose change to keep styrofoam out of the landfill. If you don’t want a straw, please say so.
Lastly, but possibly most importantly, Lucha uses only real juices in our cocktails. That means none of that nasty sweet & sour in our margaritas. Our strawberry margaritas have, wait for it, real strawberries in them. Shocking, huh? No strawberry syrup here. That stuff is gross.

You should really try our margaritas. They are outstanding. We should know, as we try them all the time.

I guess that is all. If you make it out to Colorado, please stop in and visit our sister restaurants in Colorado Springs and Georgetown. While here in Rockford, please take a look at the different stores and businesses right here at Edgebrook Center. We sincerely appreciate the nice people around us who have welcomed us into their neighborhood.

Thank you for your business. We really love doing what we do. We hope that shows.

Please come back soon. Like tomorrow, if you’re not too busy.

Joshua, Jenn, & Lexi Binning

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