Mission, Vision, Values

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I am working to install a clear vision for my staff as we grow as a business. While we have an outline written, I do know that like any living document that we will need to make adjustments to this over time. That said, I think we have a solid foundation to work from and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the framework that we have put in place for our restaurant.

Read most any book on business and at some point it will talk about Mission, Vision, and Values. I see the Mission of a business as what they are setting out to do. Vision on the other hand is what the business hopes to achieve by living its mission and abiding by its own values. If Mission is the map, then Vision would be the destination, and Values would how we would get to the destination which is the Vision. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, here is what we have thus far.


“To Provide our Guests with a unique drinking and dining experience, to be an active member of the community where we do business, and to provide a reasonable return on investment for all stakeholders (Owner, Staff, Guests, Vendors, Community, and Environment).” This is what we hope we are doing on a daily basis. While we aren’t perfect in all of these areas we certainly are working to get better.


To be the employer of choice in the restaurant industry in Rockford.
To be the #1 Locally Owned Dining Destination in Rockford.
To use this restaurant as a platform to make positive change in Rockford

Sales drive successful companies. Sales are the oxygen our business. As people don’t live for Oxygen, but die without it, we will fight to foster a sales rich business.
We will nurture and protect the guest experience at all costs. This means that we won’t sell a subpar product. We will create value for our guests through operational excellence, a clean and safe environment, and guest interaction.
We will hire the best the market has to offer and commit to continual development. We will help our staff make a difference not only inside our four walls, but outside as well.
We will make wise business decisions, as we know that failing to do so will hinder our ability to execute our mission and fulfill our vision.
There you have it. I will expand more on this in the future but I had said that I would post our progress on this and I wanted to follow through on that promise. I hope to see you soon at Lucha.



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