Japanese Pan Noodles & Whiskey

You can ask people who know me well, I’m not one to try new foods. I know what I like and I am very comfortable sticking to what I know. Why risk it right? My theory of “When in doubt, order the French Dip” has served me well over the years. I also like to ask the server for their suggestion and if by chance it lines up with my perception of foods that I like then I’ll order it. Well recently I found myself asking a server what they suggested and the answer was Japanese Pan Noodles. Now I like Japanese food (I like the Yummy Yummy Yucky Yucky sauces at Nippons). I like noodles. I like food cooked in pans. What could go wrong here? That said it would be much easier for me if the answer would have been any item that I had ever had before in my life. It wasn’t and I did something that surprised me. I ordered it. And you know what, it was good.

A couple weeks have passed and we are working on the next edition of our beverage menu and part of that terrible job is sampling new spirits. I know, its brutal work but someone has to do it. My tastes in liquor are pretty straight forward. I like rum with my diet. I like vodka with my seven. I like gin with my tonic. I like tequila anyway you can give it to me. I like scotch and whiskey never. But this was a whiskey tasting so here we go. You know what, there were a few that I actually enjoyed. I did learn that my palate tends to go towards more crafted spirits, but there were some winners (and hopefully you will agree when we make new cocktails with them).

So here is the take-away. Next time you’re out. Order something that you might not always order. Order it like they make it (unless you have an allergy then of course take that into account). The people who put the menu together just might be on to something. Trust me, its not in their best interest to put together dishes or drinks that don’t taste good. You just might surprise yourself.

Now I need to get back to my Noodles and Whiskey.


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