Capitalism Under Fire

So there was a ton of news coverage this past week as Pope Francis made clear his take on Capitalism. As I read some posts and articles about this topic the word “Unfettered” often seems to be overlooked or not even mentioned at all. While there can be arguments made about whether or not he was correct in his statement (and I will not make any of those arguments here), it made me think about the kind of business that we run here at Lucha and if we now, or at any point in our future, would even fall under the characteristic that we were “unfettered.” I did a quick little Google search (I love Google) and the first definition that comes up defines the word as “to be set free from restrictions or bonds.” What I like about this definition is that it doesn’t define who the restrictions or bonds should be placed by. For me, running an ethical business is not optional because we have placed our own, self imposed, restrictions or bonds on how we want to do business.

During the pre-open process for Lucha I read a book by John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) and Raj Sisodia (another really smart guy) titled Conscious Capitalism. In the book, the authors write about how if a business is operated with a value aligned mission and vision that it can do great good for society as a whole. In an effort to save myself from plagiarizing their whole book, watch this 1:25 video which explains the main concepts.

My wife and I spent many nights talking about how we could make our restaurant into a truly great business not just for ourselves, but for everyone who comes into contact with it. We truly want to run a great restaurant. That said, its all talk when you don’t actually have one and then once you open one you don’t even have the time to think about it anymore. Now that we are four months into operations, I am going to commit myself to defining just how we want to be seen and how we want to conduct ourselves. It is my hope that we can be very transparent about this and part of that will be posting our values on this blog. I don’t have them all ready for today, but over the next few weeks I will get them done.

We are fully committed to not just be in Rockford, but to be a part of Rockford as well. Stay tuned as we work this all out.

Thanks for your time,

Joshua Binning

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