You can ask people who know me well, I’m not one to try new foods. I know what I like and I am very comfortable sticking to what I know. Why risk it right? My theory of “When in doubt, order the French Dip” has served me well over the years. I also like to ask the server for their suggestion and if by chance it lines up with my perception of foods that I like then I’ll order it. Well recently I found myself asking a server what they suggested and the answer was Japanese Pan Noodles. Now I like Japanese food (I like the Yummy Yummy Yucky Yucky sauces at Nippons). I like noodles. I like food cooked in pans. What could go wrong here? That said it would be much easier for me if the answer would have been any item that...

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I know I haven’t posted to the Lucha Blog in a while, but I wanted to wait for our September promotion to end so I could announce the results to everyone. You might be asking what exactly our September promotion was – don’t worry, I’ll tell you. September is Childhood Hunger Awareness Month and many of our guests (and many of you reading this blog) donated five dollars to No Kid Hungry and their mission to help end childhood hunger. In all we had 960 people donate which raised $4,800. The nice people at No Kid Hungry help connect hungry kids with meals. Simple as that. Each dollar raised can connect a child with up to ten meals – that means we connected kids with around 48,000 meals. That is a big deal! I ab...

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I have an eight year old daughter whom I love more than anything. When I think about her life thus far I enjoy all the memories we have had together over the years, but at the exact same time it seems like it was just yesterday when I first laid eyes on her at Swedes. In some ways, this past year at Lucha has been similar. We opened this restaurant one month after signing the lease. I said to myself that if they can do on TV in a week why can’t we do it in a month. We made that opening date and officially opened our doors on August 6, 2013. Our first few months were quite the learning experience. It’s amazing how life can take from the peak to the lowest valley in a couple hours. Thankfully I was surrounded by a loving (not t...

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Well it certainly took us longer to put these together than we had thought, but we have a new food menu for you! We are pretty excited about the items offered as a few of them came directly from comments and requests that were made to us by our awesome guests. I’m not going to list them all here (but you can see the whole menu here if you so choose) but a few of the most popular new items are our Shrimp Ceviche, The Taco Salad, & The Portabella Torta. All in there are twelve new menu items and several of the existing items have been changed slightly to make them just that much better.

We also just put out a new drink menu last week with several new drinks for you to try. Stop in and see what we’ve added.


Happy Hour Starts July 22nd Find out more details here…

In our Mission Statement we state that we want to be an active member of the community. We have been honored to be a part of a few events recently that helped us fulfill that mission and we have several more scheduled for this summer. If you have the time, please check out the following events and say hi to our team if you see us there:

“Best Cheeseburger in Paradise 2014” – this is a great Burger and Margarita contest benefiting the Northern Illinois Food BankRockford Sharefest – not only are we excited to be able to feed the team leaders, but we going to get some of our staff out of the restaurant and into the community as Rockford Sharefest does extreme makeovers here in RockfordMoonlight by Mosaic – this...

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So its been a while since I posted my last blog. I follow a marketing sort of guy on YouTube and he frequently says that if you don’t have anything interesting to blog about then you shouldn’t. I agree with him. That said, I keep getting asked by our guests what is going on here, what’s new and exciting, or what we have coming up, so I thought I would use this space to bring everyone up to date on the goings on here at Lucha.

Winter – It’s almost over. Right? I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know – it seems like this winter is never going to end. For Lucha this winter hasn’t been all that bad. We have set several new one-day sales records on what would seem to be the wor...

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My wife and I had the pleasure to spend a few days that the National Restaurant Show in Chicago a few weeks back. If you are in the industry, I highly suggest you make time to go next year. The ability to see all the vendor booths as well as being able to attend classes and seminars put on by the best in the industry makes this a must do event. We really enjoyed our time there. One afternoon while getting a free Pepsi from the massive Pepsi display we saw two women having a conversation – one was Dawn Sweeney, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, and the other was Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo. When doing a little research on Indra Nooyi I read that Fortune Magazine ranked her as the #1 most powerful woman in bus...

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So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I am working to install a clear vision for my staff as we grow as a business. While we have an outline written, I do know that like any living document that we will need to make adjustments to this over time. That said, I think we have a solid foundation to work from and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the framework that we have put in place for our restaurant.

Read most any book on business and at some point it will talk about Mission, Vision, and Values. I see the Mission of a business as what they are setting out to do. Vision on the other hand is what the business hopes to achieve by living its mission and abiding by its own values. If Mission is the map, then Vision would b...

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So there was a ton of news coverage this past week as Pope Francis made clear his take on Capitalism. As I read some posts and articles about this topic the word “Unfettered” often seems to be overlooked or not even mentioned at all. While there can be arguments made about whether or not he was correct in his statement (and I will not make any of those arguments here), it made me think about the kind of business that we run here at Lucha and if we now, or at any point in our future, would even fall under the characteristic that we were “unfettered.” I did a quick little Google search (I love Google) and the first definition that comes up defines the word as “to be set free from restrictions or bonds.” ...

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